I’m on panorama tonight as part of their investigation on the sexualisation of childhood. This draws on my work with Agnes Nairn, published in Consumer Kids.


2 thoughts on “Panorama

  1. This was a really interesting program – thank you for your
    work in this area. As a parent of a 7 year old boy and a 6 year old
    girl I share these concerns. We would be interested in your
    thoughts on our campaign to protect children from sexually graphic
    magazines and newspapers, and especially as regards the Co-Op being
    the only supermarket to stock the Daily Sport. Is there really a
    need for a family food store that prides itself on being ethical to
    stock that offensive publication?

  2. Ed, I thought you were great, really energised and I loved
    your comment about the woeful ambition of any young girl who might
    aspire to be a footballers wife. It’s a vital subject as any parent
    of young children knows. I am constantly appalled by the way in
    which some of the girls dress in my daughter’s class, and the
    idiotic way some little girls make quite aggressive but thankfully
    empty overtures to my adolescent and mortified sons. They know not
    what they do but are spurred on by pop and fashion role models. As
    the title of the show said, too much too young.

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