Good cut

For the first time, I have cut a ribbon to launch something. This was a new shop for the credit union serving Runcorn and Widnes.

The local MP (Conservative) was there and said he’d been doing too many cuts himself…

Congratulations to all involved in a fabulous community credit union.

3 thoughts on “Good cut

    • Best cake was from a winner of the Inner City 100 award from your part of town – East London. It was an upside down cake (as my son commented on ‘battered sausage’ – why would anyone ever do that?) and the one to remember.

      This opening also left a plaque saying it was opened by me, which is also a first for me. it is in a shopping centre that the queen opened forty years ago and then turned out to have asbestos. What was the queen doing opening a shopping centre anyway? i declare you a rubbish shopping centre – but now, forty years on, with real community power and a high street credit union that means business!

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