2 thoughts on “Left turn

  1. Thanks for the link Ed. Michael Stephenson’s article is
    carefully argued, although I find his call for a ‘clear definition
    of mutualism for the left’ very strange. I thought we had one –

  2. What’s that? Co-op Party? What does this stand for again? 5
    Co-op MPs are in Labour Friends of Israel and therefore we can
    question their initial commitment to co-operative ethical values.
    This allies them with an oppressive regime. It’s a big deal. As
    Gerald Kaufman says: “The present Israeli government ruthlessly and
    cynically exploits the continuing guilt from Gentiles over the
    slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their
    murder of Palestinians.” The Co-op Party in Parliament is led by
    Gareth Thomas, let’s have a look at his record, as it is quite
    typical of the group of Co-op MPs: Voted moderately for laws to
    stop climate change. Voted strongly for removing hereditary peers
    from the House of Lords. Voted a mixture of for and against a
    wholly elected House of Lords. Voted very strongly for the hunting
    ban. Voted moderately for replacing Trident. Voted very strongly
    for introducing foundation hospitals. Voted very strongly for more
    EU integration. Voted strongly for a stricter asylum system. Voted
    strongly for introducing ID cards. Voted very strongly for the Iraq
    war. Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq
    war. Voted very strongly for allowing ministers to intervene in
    inquests. Voted moderately against greater autonomy for schools.
    Voted strongly against a transparent Parliament. Voted strongly for
    a smoking ban. Voted very strongly for equal gay rights. Voted
    strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws.

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