People’s Supermarket

After all that work, with four hundred members and open for trading, the co-operative People’s Supermarket is on Channel 4 on Sunday nights, 8pm for four weeks.

Making a success of a cooperative enterprise can be like walking a tightrope and you forget the dramas and discount the risks when you look back. But the camera picks it all up, so expect some drama.

Well done Arthur, Kate, David and all on what you have been able to achieve so far.

2 thoughts on “People’s Supermarket

  1. Hear hear! Looking forward to the documentary, also hoping
    to write up TPS as a case study for the next Co-operatives London
    brochure. As for dramas and risks, @TPSLondon put out this
    plaintive tweet on Friday afternoon: “If you’re a member can you do
    a shift tomorrow? Faced with the prospect of shutting at 3pm due to
    lack of members. It’s crunch-time.” Apparently the people rallied,
    but Cherry and I are both thinking of joining even though they’re
    not exactly in our neighbourhood. Big Society in action!

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