Wedding dress

…republican myself, but my mum has bought herself a new dress to watch the royal wedding in. Bless.

Climate change and the case for co-operation

Thanks Pat for sending me the link to this excellent short interview with Professor Tim Flannery, climate change academic, on co-operation and co-evolution.

And the winner is…

I have been in a seminar at the London Business School on the scope for innovation prizes. Early prizes like this were the longitude prize set in 1714, which made navigation safe, and the food preservation prize, soon after the French Revolution, which introduced food in cans.

There are essentially two types of prizes – ones that stress competition and ones that build community, for example through a sense of a shared challenge. Threw up lots of ideas for the co-operative sector … and some cautionary warnings!

Please sign up

The co-operative movement is today launching a new ethical campaign with a mass petition on equality.

The Daily Mirror added it’s voice to our launch, along with over 25 prominent organisations that are supporting the petition, including Friends of the Earth, National Union of Students, Mother’s Union, Groundwork, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, the National Childbirth Trust and the Equality Trust.

Please sign the petition – it takes only a moment – and I’d ask you please to forward the petition to friends, colleagues and family.

Inequality is at the highest level in the UK since records began – and that is in a global context too where we are slipping behind on development targets. It is time to share.