From Japan

A message through from Taka of the inspiring Seikatsu Consumer Co-operative in Japan.

“We have neither overcome the nuclear crisis nor have established the facilities for emergency supply at the suffered areas. Even the ways of the participation of the Japanese volunteer has faced many difficulties.

The scale of the disaster must be one of the biggest natural disasters in our history. Therefore, I would like to ask for the financial campaign for future reconstruction by the people in solidarity, cooperation and working together between Japanese and Asian friends.

Moreover, I would like to suggest you all that please call for a worldwide discussion about a fundamental review of alternative way of life and production.

The world people has to be known that the life style and production style of the advanced countries including Japan have already been not sustainable through the fact of this disaster in Japan.

Therefore please expand the view point of alternative energy and life style for our future and for next generation.
We should do some real actions to change of our long-term life styles as practice in each communities and societies in the world.”


Daff life

These are three photos taken over the last three Sundays in Greenwich, some of the 250,000 daffodils perennial to the park.