Of weeping

I have declared a love before for Nordic jazz and I have played more than once Ketil Bjornstad’s ‘Validation: Of Weeping’ over recent days.

This morning, I had a welcome message from my counterpart in Norway, addressed to co-operators in the UK, which I have pleasure in copying here:

“Dear friends,

Thank you ever so much to you and to the Co-operatives UK for your kind concern and warm greetings after the tragedy that hit us so brutally 22 July. It is still almost unbelievable, in fact even more now when we see the photos of all the 77 victims and learn to know more about each and every individual. Our thoughts go of course to the families of the victims, but also to those who survived the tragedy and have been in the middle of a nightmare that probably none of us is able to imagine.

Norway is a small country, and I think that many of us know, directly or indirectly, at least one family that has been hit by the tragedy.

However, it is good to see that Norway has been able to unite and to co-operate across i. a. all political and religious opinions these days in a sense of “united we stand”. This feeling, and an ocean of roses, are at least two small tributes to all the innocent and defenseless victims that so meaninglessly were taken away from us.

Your message of solidarity has been forwarded to all our member organizations, and once again, thank you for your concern and kind words!

Yours sincerely
Coop Norge SA

Odd Rune Andersen

As the days pass, there is another album that I will turn to – Jan Garbarek’s ‘In Praise of Dreams’.

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