Who are you calling lazy?

Chris Huhne dubs consumers as lazy because we don’t shop around for our energy suppliers. It is a fair comment, but if we all have to find our way through the maze of complex tariffs on the market and we don’t trust the companies making the offer, laziness can be a rational response.

When I ran the National Consumer Council, consumer research showed that energy companies were less trusted than second hand car salesmen. What the market needs is not just price competition but some good, old-fashioned trust. The entry into the market of Co-operative Energy, with a Which? Award for consumer action, introduces for the first time a simple tariff and a brand that is genuinely held in affection. 75% of consumers in our surveys say they believe that co-operative enterprises act fairly, compared to only 18% now for companies at large.

Lazy businesses, if they are allowed to get away with it, can make for lazy customers. It is time for a change.

One thought on “Who are you calling lazy?

  1. Ed, after four years as a customer of the very devious npower I have switched to Cooperative Energy.
    I was determined that even if it did cost a little more I was not going to be saddled with any of the Big Six !

    It was a great day when npower ‘agreed’ with Consumer Focus last October that they would repay 70m they had overcharged their customers in 2008. npower make it very tricky to leave due to exit fees and loss of discount if the customer doesn’t time the switch correctly. I am now expecting a much quieter life with the Coop :o)

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