A new moral compass

I have contributed a think piece for the latest issue of the magazine Resurgence. The issue runs under the theme of ‘the moral compass’ and is, as ever, beautifully conceived and produced.


4 thoughts on “A new moral compass

  1. I loved your article – and the concept – which I just read in resurgence magazine. So nice to hear someone else uphold that view of competition as something not so golden and necessary as we’re conned to believe. Being home educators we held the view that the competitive drive bred in schools was totally unhealthy for children and not the way they should be taught to interact with the world. In fact we almost see it as part of the big plot to make our children the new consumers and perpetuate that more unpleasant aspects of our culture, rather than a more cooperative one. I look forward to reading your book.

  2. Hi Ed,
    Have just read your brilliant article thanks to a link to it in Laurence Demarco’s latest Social Enterprise Network Scotland Members’ Bulletin. It reminded me of the sound bite I invented at the UK Co-operatives Congress in Plymouth : “Whilst there is no Planet B, there is Co-operative C !”
    As Richard Holdgate said : “The world’d economy is the wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s ecology” to which I added : “It is better to be ecological rather than economical with the truth”!
    Keep up the good work which I, as a Scotland & Northern Ireland Regional Board Members sing the praises of whenever the opportunity arises. Come and see us there soon!

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