Move, move, move your money


The UK campaign to call for us all to ‘move your money’ to co-op and mutual banks launches today.

This is a campaign kick started by hope and passion and it will succeed if we can get the public and political debate off the oceans of rhetoric and onto the only language bankers understand – money.

Credit Unions and The Co-operative Bank have both seen an increase in users over the last two years, whilst the Occupy movement – and the debates in mainstream media it has triggered – reflect a wider disillusionment with the way in which the traditional banking sector operates.

In the US, the ‘move your money’ campaign has been established around a relatively simple website to enable people to easily find and move their bank account away ‘from Wall Street to Main Street’, i.e. to a community bank or credit union. The campaign has received widespread publicity and support. A ‘bank transfer day’ on 5 November 2011 saw 65,000 people transfer their accounts to credit unions.

Pass the word. Move your money.


3 thoughts on “Move, move, move your money

  1. Hi Ed, yes we must move our money from Wall Street and the City to Main Street. Credit unions, mutual banks and cooperatives are a good start, bt they are limited in what they are allowed to invest in. We must also DIRECTLY invest in loal SMEs that help our communities become more resilient, self-reliant and sustainable. Let’s invest in local production of food, energy, affordable hosing and other basic necessities.
    We are now figuring out how to do that. A god source is Michael Shuman’s upcoming book from Chelsea Green Publishing, “Local Dollars, Local Sense.” You can also see my compilation of Financing/Investment alternatives at,

    We also need to focus our investment objectives on the common good rather than private return.

    Thomas Greco, author of the End of Money and the Future of Civilization. My website is

  2. I made the move a few years ago when I was living in Australia after a similar buts lightly lower key campaign called the Million Bank March. Mutual financial institutions aren’t perfect but I sleep much better at night knowing that my money isn’t being managed by people driven by a mindless pursuit of growth.

  3. A wire transfer is a transfer of money from one bank account to another. The actual transfer is done by the bank, and neither the sender nor the recipient of the money sees or touches the actual funds. Here are a few steps to transfer money from one account to another.

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