Tomato time

A month ago, I blogged on the growing interest in European and global purchasing and procurement for food across co-operative retailers. 2013 could be the international year of … co-operative spaghetti, I suggested.

Well, in fact, I learned here today in Brussels that it is going to be co-operative tomatoes.

The Japanese Consumers Co-operative Union is collaborating with Coop Italia to help them develop a boxed tomato sauce that is high quality and with packaging that is easy to recycle.

One thought on “Tomato time

  1. Whilst such international cooperative activity is to be welcomed, I am concerned that a project which is presumably aimed at shipping lots of Italian tomatoes – albeit cooperatively grown and/or processed ones – to consumers in Japan runs absolutely counter to the best interests of communities in the face of peak oil and climate change. Hopefully I’m misreading the nature of the project, and it’s actually about Japanese co-ops sharing expertise with Italian co-ops about how to reduce environmental impact and relocalise their products and markets.
    Perhaps you could clarify Ed?

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