Sharing success

Nick Clegg has just launched our new data on the growth of employee-owned co-operative business, as part of the Employee Ownership Summit.

Drawing on its annual digest of data, Co-operatives UK’s figures show that the UK employee-owned sector has grown at a rate of 1.1%, compared to 0.7% for the economy at large. As such, the growth rate for employee owned firms is over 50% higher than the economy at large.

The substance of the Summit has been a landmark report by Graeme Nuttall, called Sharing Success. This is full of in-depth analysis and recommendations and it feels like employee ownership has finally arrived as a mainstream business model.

One thought on “Sharing success

  1. Hi Ed,

    Very well written. Got me thinking…

    We’re making a feature film called The Redistributors in London this summer – targeting the issues of inequality and the growing disparity between rich and poor.

    It’s a thriller made for a mainstream audience, trying to keep these issues in the public mind. The appeal should be wide-reaching when we release to cinemas in 2013.

    Would appreciate any support or thoughts on the project!

    Kind regards,


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