Nice trust, if you can get it

If you have ever worked somewhere where there is low trust, you will know the difference that a co-operative environment can make.

Some fascinating new research out from the University of Rome this month explores whether co-operative enterprises create social trust.

Their headline conclusion is that if you work in a co-operative, you are 37% more likely to experience social trust than if you work for a conventional firm – and 48% more likely than if you work in the public sector.

They conclude that this “suggests that the development of cooperative enterprises – and, more generally, of less hierarchical models of governance and of not purely profit maximizing forms of enterprises – may play a crucial role in the diffusion of trust and in the accumulation of social capital. This may contribute to increased resilience of the economic system, especially in times of crisis.”

One thought on “Nice trust, if you can get it

  1. The True Food Community Co-op that I’m involved with has not only gained trust but also has created community bonding. It’s great to see such positive finding across the board!

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