No Costa, no cry

There is great news now from Totnes, the town where things happen first.

The No to Costa campaign in favour of local, independent coffee shops has won it’s first battle with Costa Coffee deciding against setting up shop in town.

I wrote about the campaign earlier this year, which has been an uplifting reminder that imagination and creativity are the most powerful tools we have for social change.

How can we now take the same spirit and rejuvenate independent coffee shops in the face of the big identikit chains elsewhere. Anyone for co-operation?


One thought on “No Costa, no cry

  1. Who would you support if local shopkeepers started campaigning against the Co-op?

    Ed: I hate it when that happens, but don’t forget that there are close to 6,000 co-ops in the UK, mostly local. And one of the best ways local shopkeepers can improve their position is through a purchasing co-op!

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