No fantasy

The new film out today is Chasing Ice, which premiered in fitting style at the Ritzy Brixton in conjunction with The Cooperative – a night which was topped off with the news that the film has been short-listed for the Best Documentary category at the Academy Awards.

It is not the Hobbit, but even so, since then, the makers say that the buzz has grown. A video on The Guardian showing the largest iceberg break-up ever filmed has received over half a million hits since it was posted two days ago. The Telegraph ran a cover story on the film last weekend, and Time Out has awarded the film 4 stars.

No fantasy, I suspect, but a warning of a planet moving to more horror scenes.

Twelve has been our favourite number

Co-operatives, their members and their supporters around the world marked the start of 2012, the International Year of Co-operatives, on 12 January. From Chelmsford to China, co-operatives came together to highlight the start of an incredible year.

Twelve months on, what a momentous year it has been. Across the globe co-operatives have celebrated what makes their businesses different. We’ve seen everything from flash mobs to formal conferences. Here in the UK, we’ve seen hundreds of activities, events and promotions by co-operatives up and down the country.

Wherever you are, whatever you did, I would like to thank you for your support, activity or good wishes during the International Year of Co-operatives.

Take the time if you can to mark the end of this wonderful year, by watching and sharing our new short film, Celebrating 2012, with your friends and colleagues.

Available online at this 3 minute film showcases celebrations across the world this year.