New life for local news

As ever more local newspapers close and titles merge, more and more communities are left without a local media outlet, feeding a sense that local media is undergoing a slow but inevitable death. But there are examples across the UK, Europe and the US and elsewhere that tell a different story.

Co-operatives UK and Carnegie UK Trust have joined together to organise a series of meetings across the UK showcasing these alternatives. By attending these free events we hope you will be inspired and stimulated to take action to save your local media. This is an opportunity to make local media work as a sustainable business and help to protect our democracy through local accountability.

The events are:

· Monday 10 June – Leicester 18.00 – 20.30
· Tuesday 18 June – Glasgow 18.00 – 20.30
· Thursday 20 June – Crewe 18.00 – 20.30
· Thursday 27 June – Belfast 18.00 – 20.30
· Friday 28 June – Cardiff 13.00 -15.00
· Monday 8 July – Edinburgh 18:00 – 20.00
· Tuesday 9 July – Manchester 18.30 – 20.30

For more information and to book visit: Please feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues and networks who may be interested.

One thought on “New life for local news

  1. Very interesting initiative…

    So out of NESTA’s DestinationLocal programme we launched a rural wifi portal for the village of Loddon, Norfolk.

    In which village there is a… Co-Op. One of Anglia Regionals’ finest.

    By signing in to that free village wifi portal, we know where you are; mobile-location advertising is a boom area; $15.4bn global marketplace for those that can match the tech to the opportunity.

    In this instance empower Co-Op (Loddon) to advertise directly to those sat beneath the rural wifi cloud that hangs overhead.

    Which we can now do…

    To mobile, to app… And then repeat for every village Co-Op in the country; thereby sustaining a ’21st Century Village Correspondent’ in each of them. Hence #21VC.

    We should probably talk…


    Rick (Waghorn)
    Ceo, Addiply

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