Coops and the World Cup – Viel Erfolg! Succes! Boa Sorte! Buena Suerte! Bonne Chance!

The countries left in the World Cup are ones by coincidence all that we have had contact with over recent years, having something special and co-operative going on domestically.

And in that spirit, Fred Bosch, chief executive of Coop Netherlands, has sent us over a note on how he reconciles co-operation with the competitive demands ahead in football and in retail.

“This year’s International Day of the Cooperatives coincides with the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Brazil.

Coincidental, but meaningful! There are quite some similarities between the World Cup football teams and cooperatives. More specific: between the Dutch football team & Coop Supermarkets in the Netherlands. It goes far beyond the nation’s color that we both share: Orange.

As with football, it’s all about collaborating when playing the game the cooperative way. Based on true cooperative principles like fair play, we need to do things together, with a great team spirit. This way, we can score, achieve goals and finally: win!

Just like the Dutch Football team in the World Cup, Coop plays on high level within the highly competitive supermarket industry in the Netherlands. And, just like the Orange team, as we call our Dutchies in the World Cup, we have a very clear and sound vision: Together, we would like to be the best! The Coop Orange team says: ‘Let’s go for it!’ We will join forces and offer our customer members an amazing Coop Supermarkt experience. It’s all about great experiences, like our football team showed when impressively beating Spain in their first round opening match in Salvador, Brazil. We are truly proud of our national football team and their dedication in delivering value. And, while we celebrate the Cooperatives’ International Day for which we wish every consumer cooperative all the best, we now also celebrate our support to our nation’s football team in all our stores with special “Orange” offers with great enthusiasm.

As for Saturday July 5th, it is time to let the Orange team show what they are really made of! We would like to wish all teams good luck, or, in domestic language of all the quarter finalists: Viel Erfolg! Succes! Boa Sorte! Buena Suerte! Bonne Chance!

Enjoy the game, like we do when playing our own, cooperatively. May the best team win. But clearly, we wish our Orange team the most of luck: “Go get them all, team. All the way up to the World Title!”



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