The most co-operative country on earth

It is not just Father Christmas.

Finland’s Professor Salme Näsi is a fellow Board member of Co-operatives Europe. She welcomed me on my first visit to the country, earlier this month, and as she says of her countrymen, “we are the most co-operative nation on earth.”

Whether Santa has opened up ownership of the gift business to the elves or not , I can’t report. But I have written a feature for the Guardian on Finland’s co-operative success story, and a little of what we might learn.

One thought on “The most co-operative country on earth

  1. Writing from the country ranked top of the ‘Cooperative Economy Index’ at the recent Quebec Summit (I suspect the basis of this declaration will change over the years, seeing New Zealand tumble in the rankings), becoming more cooperative in my view could be helped by understanding one simple thing. To be more like the Finnish co-ops you describe in the Guardian piece, understanding the ways in which they are successful as a cooperative is as important as understanding how they are successful as a business. I recently discussed this distinction on the Australian BCCM website here – – and would welcome the thoughts of your readers on this.

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