A great day’s work for fair tax campaigners

It’s been a great day’s work for Fair Tax campaigners.

The letter that I and other business leaders signed, published today in the Guardian, pressed for European action in support of the principles of being transparent and responsible around the tax we pay. Co-ops UK, as with a number of other co-operatives and businesses such as Lush and SSE, are accredited with the Fair Tax Mark.

We then saw a debate in the European Parliament, followed by a vote this morning. Encouragingly, the Parliament voted overwhelmingly for a basket of measures that included the development of a Fair Tax Payers Label in Europe – inspired by the UK Fair Tax Mark. 

The measures were detailed in a Tax Report from the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. Both the size of the majority (500 for, and just 122 against) and the diverse political support, from right to left, means that the European Commission will need to look at action more seriously than ever before, in the three months they now have to respond. 

If you know of businesses that would like to get ahead of the competition and secure a Fair Tax Mark, it would be a good time to pass the word.

This is no twenty four hour wonder. Last week the Institute for Business Ethics released their latest polling of the public. Once again ‘tax avoidance’ is the number one concern of the UK public when it comes to corporate responsibility.


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