Europe and the case for international co-operation

We are told that we have a choice between national sovereignty or EU membership, but I personally don’t buy that. 

If sovereignty is control over our own affairs, then we will potentially have less of it if we go it alone, because so many of the economic challenges that we face are ones that can’t be determined at a national level alone. They require international co-operation.

I was sent recently the words below from the architect of the twin towers in New York. The vision he had was of trade that not only draws on international co-operation but nourishes it. 

Arguably, this was the same vision that inspired original European Coal and Steel Community… And the same vision of the  Corn Laws campaigns out of Manchester in the nineteenth century.

For the people involved, like Jean Monnet and Richard Cobden, exchange across borders was about open co-operation to widen prosperity and peace. If the answer that emerges from the UK referendum is not the European Union, then we will have to come up with something that is. 

We can’t duck the challenge of international co-operation. Else, our sovereignty will be the freedom to lose.

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