Re-imagine the economy

We are working towards one of the most exciting co-operative events for years, Co-operative Congress, which takes place on Saturday July 1st in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

It is a special day, because it is not just the culmination of the UK Co-operatives Fortnight, it is the UN International Day of Co-operatives.

On the day, we are also launching a new National Co-operative Development Strategy, under the theme of Do It Ourselves.

The title for the event is ‘Reimagine the Economy’. The event aims to bring together a wide range of people working to build a fairer economy to share ideas, get inspiration and take action.

congressposternoborder_1It features speakers on the gig economy, work, housing, technology and social care among others, a host of workshops an Dragon’s Den style pitches from co-operative entrepreneurs.

The location, Unity Works, is a special, co-operative venue, purchased by people in Wakefield in recent years using the model of community shares that with many partners, we have been able to champion.


Come along!

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