“The economy of our daily lives” – the voice of Robin Murray

Robin Murray, the distinguished industrial economist, who died early this week was, among other affiliations, an Associate of Co-operatives UK.

As a quick tribute to Robin, we have released in an open form the chapter that he wrote as part of the multi-authored 2015 book, Co-operative Advantage.

Here, he takes an overview of the landscape for co-operative innovation in a text called Taking Stock, Looking Forward

In this, he comments “the great national aggregates of GDP, employment, the rate of inflation and the balance of trade are the data of those who control the macro economic levers in London. They obscure the specific character of the economy of our daily lives – the shops, the buses, the farms and the streets of a city. The chapters here come down to a human level, and describe the hidden structures and forces that are shaping the economy as we experience it. In doing so they allow us to think how things could be done differently and map some of the promising paths opening up for co-operators to follow.”
His voice shines through and shines on – so feel free to share of course.

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