Solidarity in the winds

We launched an appeal at the start of this week across the UK co-operative sector, in support of countries in the Caribbean and South Asia hit by storms and floods. I tell the story of the appeal in a blog here on Huffington Post.

It was an appeal prompted by one coastal co-operative, Southern Co-op, out of concern for others on coasts on distant shores.

Now the appeal has been taken worldwide by the International Co-operative Alliance. One of the first to respond, outside of the UK and USA (where there has been an ongoing appeal through credit unions after storms in Texas and Florida) is the Philippines. 

Sylvia Paraguya of the National Confederation of Cooperatives said “We received support during the Haiyan time and we cannot forget that. In our own ways, we would also like to express our solidarity.”

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, with the loss of over six thousand lives. The co-operative sector, with over seven and a half million members, was hit hard at the time, but with support and resilience, played a vital role in the subsequent recovery, in line with their core purpose – to meet the needs of their members.

Steve Murrells is Chief Executive of the UK Co-op Group, which made a substantial gift of £50,000 to kickstart the worldwide appeal. 

As he commented to me yesterday, it all feels like a movement again.

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