A co-operative Europe – please take action

In or out for the UK, the future of Europe is being shaped right now, with the EU Council meeting on 15th of December to set a blueprint for the economy over the next ten years. This is the culmination of work kicked off by the EU President at the start of this year, in a consultation on the Future of Europe.

As I pointed out, in a blog post for Cooperatives Europe, in September, the early founders of the EU in fact envisaged a far more democratic economy with co-operative enterprise and employee ownership throughout. That vision of Europe is still to fight for.

To make an influence, we need co-operators and partners in the wider social economy to raise their voice. So I’d like to ask you to join our communications campaign through Thunderclap to show your support for a cooperative Europe that brings Europe closer to its citizens, values, a fairer society and the future.

The more people sign up, the stronger the cooperative voice is, so please do consider whether you can sign up with your personal social media accounts, organisation accounts, and ask your colleagues to sign up as well.

To support the campaign, please:

1 click on this link: http://bit.ly/2zFjIeu.

2 click the ‘support with’ Facebook/Twitter button.

3 share it with your contacts.

Cooperatives Europe will outline our own vision for a cooperative Future of Europe on December 11, for all the European institutions, inside and outside the European Union (EU) – the UK may leave the EU but we are still a European nation, open to a #CloserEurope through #coops.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

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