Cats, dogs, co-ops, Brexit and breakfast.

Over the weekend, I was with a wonderful gathering of staff and Board directors across the UK’s co-operative retailers. It was our annual Co-operative Retail Conference.

The photos are now up online of many of the people who participated. But there are a few four-legged delegates that we have had over the years and this year was no exception.

Newt is a cat who prompted some instant teamwork at the event, as she escaped her car and left Jane Cameron, one of the most experienced co-op housing specialists, searching with others across the surrounding lands. Radstock Co-op offered a room for the night for Jane and her partner, so the search could go on and eventually, underneath another car on the other side of the hotel, Newt showed herself and let herself be led to the warmth and comfort of a Co-operatives UK conference.

On stage, there was one slip from a speaker that I thought could be a hopeful meme to spread – at least for those concerned with Brexit. The speaker referred to ‘Breakfast’ instead of ‘Brexit’.

Now I understand that the substance of our planned exit from the EU is totally serious, but all too often the endless debates of the day are not. They can be fanciful, ideological, fantastical.

So the next time I hear something that sounds crazy on Brexit, I am going to think of it in my mind as Breakfast.

Breakfast Britain…? Breakfast Blues…?

Life after Breakfast.

It doesn’t sound so bad.

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