Open to help – the Pilotlight Programme

It is tough for pretty much everyone at the moment in business, but spare a thought for those charities, community co-ops and social enterprises who face the same conditions but with far more of an urgent call on their time and services from people in need.

I’m proud that the Pilotlight Programme is open to help with patient strategic support. This is one of the leading organisation development programmes in the UK, with skilled support on tap (our network of pilotlighters) and a track record of impact. We don’t give money, we give something more precious – capability.

Organisation development is an art or craft and not a science, but the best programmes do something consistent, which is to allow organisations to breathe, and in breathing, to move forward in a more effective way. One word I have heard consistently of the Pilotlight Programme from those who have been through it is ‘magic’ and there is magic in the best of organisation development.

As Alison Pringle of Independent Advocacy North East said to me “Our Pilotlight experience was utterly transforming. The insight and support we received from the four business professionals was more than we could have hoped for.”

The Pilotlight Programme is here to help. We are now open for applications. Please do spread the word!

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